Noisey talks to Corrosion Of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan about the NOLA scene. This is part five of a seven-part series, all of which has been pretty cool. I’m posting the Pepper episode simply because he’s always seemed like a cool fucking dude and COC’s Deliverance era is my favorite. I would enjoy posting up at his establishment for a day-drunk and just listening to him talk.


Some great pictures from the intense devastation experienced in Gothenburg with In Solitude this past Friday, by Robban Kanto - - Full Album: [LINK]

I was there. It looked like this.

Beastmilk are offering “Fragile Grip,” an outtake from Climax, as a pay-what-you-will (including nothing if that’s your style) download from their Bandcamp site. It’s a pretty cool track, understandably left off of the album, but worth having if you’re a completist…. check it out. Listen/purchase: Fragile Grip by Beastmilk

Sooooo, I’d say that Vanishing Life has some potential. Click the pic for more info + a song.

Sooooo, I’d say that Vanishing Life has some potential. Click the pic for more info + a song.


Beach Slang’s second ep of the year is a slightly mellower, darker set of jams with a smoother sound all around. HOWEVER, none of this is a problem. Every track rules, just like the one before it. Put both ep’s on one playlist and you’ve got one killer short lp to jam on a loop for that drive to Gothenburg this weekend (or wherever you’re going..). Current favorite track is “Dirty Cigarettes,” but like I said, no stinkers on here. Get into it!

Listen/purchase: Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street by Beach Slang


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Neko Case and her band with their take on what I already thought was a perfect song. Follow the link to YouTube, option-click on the link in the info section and get the mp3 for free! AAAAAH, PISS!

I’m fairly certain you’ve never heard Danzig sound this smooth.

Sent to me by my main man William Braxton Schell III. @fbuxtonesq

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Dan Higgs Skateboarding in 1994


Dan Higgs Skateboarding in 1994

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